Chain Drives and Conveyor Belts

The use of CHAIN DRIVES is the most common way to achieve power transmission, applicable from the simplest bicycle to the most powerful industrial or agricultural equipment as well as load movements.

As a rule, a simple small chain should be used which thereby results in a more economic transmission. However, many applications in which greater speed, less noise and smoother operation is required, or because of a lack of space will require the use of a lower speed multiple chain by preference.

Chain transmission is effective both in peak and trough rotation speeds, is low noise, high return and longevity.

Speed transmission is uniform since there are over 19 cogs to the motor reel.

If possible, cable reels should be used with an odd number of teeth, preferentially prime numbers (*).

Our WIPPERMANN, WITRA and DUNLOP chains are manufactured with the highest-quality heat-treated materials with stringent tolerances. They are available in standard European ISO and US ASA measures in a vast range of options, both in terms of the construction materials and surface finishes, whether for special shapes for specific applications such the food and pharmaceutical industries (Stainless Steel), or maintenance- free chains (Wipperman).

DUNLOP and WIPPERMANN CHAIN TENSIONERS reduce the need to intervene by adjusting chains. They help to prolong the life of both chains and equipment because they reduce the risk of load intermittence by constantly adjusting the tension of the chains. Low, medium and strong tensors are available.