Speed Governors (Frequency)

LOVATO - Variadores de Velocidade (Frequência-Inverters)

A Speed Governor or Variator (Electronic Variable Frequency Drives) acts on the frequency of the electrical power supply to the motor, converting the mains frequency (50 Hz) into another between 0 and 300 Hz (or even greater).

Thereby, Variator Speed Drives ensure a gradual acceleration and deceleration and enable the speed to suit the required conditions for the most adequate convenient operation.

Application Example: With the application of Speed Variators (SV), the Ventilators or A/C operate at a variable speed which means they start off slowly and operate close to maximum power, but as soon as the optimal temperature is close to being achieved, the power is automatically reduced and adjusted so as to maintain the desired aim, in this case the ambient temperature (or of the object) desired.

The use of Speed Variators can thereby, in most cases, enable the reduction of energy consumption in motors by more than 30% in applications overall, with savings of over 50% in some situations.

The technology and construction quality of LOVATO VS ensure ease of parametrisation, installation and remote control, in addition to energy cost savings and reducing the environmental footprint.