Sprockets and Racks

The transmission of power via a SPROCKET CHAIN SYSTEM is effective both in peak and trough rotation speeds, is low noise, offers high return and longevity. Speed transmission is uniform since there are over 19 cogs to the motor reel.

If possible, cable reels should be used with an odd number of teeth, preferentially prime numbers (*).

The serial produced sprockets are manufactured from steel, stainless steel or cast iron, latter two also known as racks.  They can be anti-corrosion treated with phosphate, zinc or nickel.

The steel sprockets can be supplied with tempered cogs.

Sprockets in special steel according to the customer’s design can be ordered.

The vast range of DUNLOP SPROCKETS includes sprockets with a main hole as well as with a conical hole for rapid assembly with a TAPER LOCK cone.

The DUNLOP TAPER BUSH or TAPER LOCK CONIC CAPS permit a rapid and cost-effective assembly of sprockets, ensuring alignments. The DUNLOP range ranges from 1008 to 5050 and is available for a vast range of hole and spline diameters with measurements in mm and inches.