Transmission Belts

DUNLOP FLAT TREPEZOIDAL BELTS offer high efficiency, alignment tolerance and reduced maintenance and may be used to transmit power and control movement in industrial, agricultural and automotive equipment.

DUNLOP TRAPEZOIDAL COGGED BELTS permit the transfer and handle of high levels of power, using small diameter pulleys compared to trapezoidal FLAT belts. Of a similar construction to DUNLOP V BELTS, they offer an economical solution when required and frequent speed transmission variations.

DUNLOP TIMING BELTS allow controlled movement and power transmission, ensuring precision of movement even with high loads (or intermittence) in industry, agriculture and automotive sectors.

POLY-V belts, runway conveyors and ribbed belts combine a high level of flexibility, excellent cargo capacity with low noise. They show great performance when using small diameter pulleys, allowing great transmission ratios.

MULTIPLE or BAND TRAPEZOIDAL BELTS, when compared with the use of various simple belts ensure a balanced force distribution, greater lateral rigidity and enable the better absorption of vibrations.

DUNLOP KEVLAR BELTS are most used in agricultural equipment applications because of their high mechanical resistance and permitted “slippage”.