We work to increase productivity, security and well-being in industry. We understand the needs of different sectors, its problems and, more important: we are specialists in the conception and implementation of the best solutions.

We are committed to: Helping to advance the business of our clients.

Our team has a place for dynamic, motivated people, with specialised knowledge in mechanical, electronic and industrial engineering. The rest is here in our tool box. The goal? To see our staff grow and grow with them.

My experience at Dunbelt was fairly positive and very varied. In my current employment, at the Department of Engines at TAP, I am using some of the basics that I learnt at Dunbelt like, for example, negotiation and real project applications in the agricultural industry, cement industry and component outlets. The Dunbelt team has a very positive spirit which is focused on the goals and satisfaction of our clients.

Daniel Sousa

Daniel SousaWith a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, he did an eight months placement at Dunbelt to March 2019.

I learnt loads of things, not just about engineering, but also about other processes because I was in contact with sales and accounts too. I received training in the motors and rotors area and did a semi-automisation project for shipment: I analysed the current organisation and developed improvements. That was very interesting. I liked working at Dunbelt immensely. The work experience placement held me in good store for my future.

Gustavo Teixeira

Gustavo TeixeiraWith a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, he did a seven months placement at Dunbelt to March 2019.

The Dunbelt placement was good hands-on experience. At university we still have a rather romantic notion of things. I saw here what really happens and how things are done. The experience of having contact with the clients and responsibility are important. Is good preparation for the world of work.

João Soares

João SoaresWith a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, he did a 17 months placement at Dunbelt to December 2019.