Welcome to Dunbelt World

We are a company focused on importing and distributing (national wise) products and services related to Mechanical Power Transmission, Bearings, Electrical Motors and Lubrication. These competences were acquired with intensive study, dedication and wide experience lived by all DUNBELT’s Team members.

We are determined to support being a partner of the National Industry. That for, we offer not only products but also different types of Quality Integrated Solution for repair and maintain most industrial equipment; to incorporate on the manufacture of machinery and industrial equipment (OEM); as well as all the services related with maintenance and technical support that You might need. DUNBELT’s main goal is to contribute to our Customers be more efficient, productive and successful.

DUNBELT Team technical expertise and knowledge are also leveraged by our Quality Policy and a wide Inventory, in order to give appropriate and immediate answer to all needs inside the area of action.

Due to those, relevant International Manufacturers trust and support our team and company to represent them in Portugal.

We are here because “Your Business can not stop”. Talk with us anytime you need.