Almost always, when the need is connecting two shafts you must use Couplings.

Depending on the goal You can use Rigid, Flexible or Mobile Couplings.

When Rigid Couplings are use, they work to transform the Shaft in one part, making the two shafts becoming aligned in a precise way.

Flexible Couplings are fundamental in a power transmission. Allowing to absorve or mitigate rotation irregularities, shocks or torque pics, vibrations, as well as compensate misalignments from the shafts. In some models they can work as fuse in order to save damages in case of one shaft is blocked.

Exemples of application for Elastic Couplings: Pumps, compressors, transporters and cargo lifts, mills, rolling mills, agitators, industrial dryers, ventilators and generator groups, among others.
Mobile Couplings are made to allow a fair play between axial shafts.

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