Reduction Gearboxes

Reduction Gearboxes are made to offer a better and more versatile application when comes to power, geometry and required transmission ratio. They are strong solutions with low maintenance costs and long lifetime.

Mainly there are two types of Reduction Gearboxes: The Worm Drive and the ones with gears.

The first ones are the more popular and the best sellers. Made by TRAMEC and ELVEM are interchangeable with the majority of the reduction gearboxes on the market today. With a wide range of transmission ratios, between 1:5 and 1:100, they can be assembled together with pre-gearboxes which allows them to increase the transmission ratio by three times.

They can be fitted alongside with mechanical speed variators. With a wide range of applicability, they can be mounted in “Tandem” allowing even bigger transmission ratios.

When comes to gear transfers there is a wide range:

In Line Reduction Gearboxes by VARMEC are made in aluminium alloy and cast iron.

From TRAMEC the right angle, parallel gear shaft, planetary, and Derivation boxes.

All of them have their specific applications. The planetary reduction gearboxes are normally used when it comes to an elevated transmission ratio. Either way, all of them made by TRAMEC and VARMEC, are made between tight control since the project, material selection, parts, lubricants until the final assembling.