We work to increase productivity, safety and well-being in the industry. We understand the needs of different sectors, their problems and, most importantly: we are experts in the design and implementation of the best solutions.

We are aligned with the commitment: To make our customers’ business move forward.

Our team has a place for dynamic, motivated people with specialized knowledge in mechanical, electronic and industrial engineering. The rest is here in our toolbox. The goal? Grow our employees and thus grow with them.

My experience at Dunbelt was very positive and very varied. In my current job, at the TAP Engine Department, I am using some bases I learned at Dunbelt, such as the negotiation and real application of projects in the agricultural, cement and parts houses industries. The Dunbelt team has a very positive spirit, with a focus on goals and customer satisfaction.

Daniel Sousa

Daniel SousaMaster in Mechanical Engineering, did an eight-month internship at Dunbelt until March 2019

I learned a lot of things not only about engineering, but also about other processes because I had contact with sales and finance as well. I had training in the area of engines and rotors and carried out a semi-automation project for the expedition: I analyzed the current organization and developed improvements. This was very interesting. I really enjoyed working at Dunbelt. The internship is an asset for my future.

Gustavo Teixeira

Gustavo TeixeiraWith a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he did a seven-month internship at Dunbelt until March 2019

The internship at Dunbelt is a good contact with practice. At the university we still have a romantic view of things. Here I saw what is really done and how. The experience of having contact with customers and responsibility are important. It is a good preparation for the world of work.

João Soares

João SoaresDegree in Mechanical Engineering, interning at Dunbelt since August 2018