House Units

House Units Bearings allow a rotative movement with low fiction between several mechanical components.

They are frequently used to connect, conduct or support shafts, among other applications. Normally are formed by one inside and one outside ring, between rolling elements can work, because of less friction, that means low wear levels, due they are kept inside a cage.


Bearings House Units with Conic Rolls type E by TIMKEN are able of high performances and with double-leap seal to allow being capable to keep severe environments, such as processing equipments and material moving. Endowed with optimised bearings, double-leap seal, bearing boxed and corrosion resisted rings – parts that offer advances levels of perfomance comparing with other brands. They are made for two or four screws. This two configurations are innovative and helps to support the most adverse environments applications, witch allows less stop machine times, less maintenance as well as less total running costs.

Made by TIMKEN this type of House units are made from strong cast steel with blocking precision rings and durable seals. They are made with extreme conditions in mind.

This house units by TIMKEN SNT provide excellent protection, and they made from cast steel or ductile iron, having a wide range of options in order to retain the lubricant and protect it from contamination.

Split Cylincrical Roller Bearing by TIMKEN SAF combine high perfomance bearing rolls with resistant house units in order to fight the challenges of heavy industries.

Ball bearings house units are able to high rotations and low loads. But, Roll bearings house units – with self-alignment Rolls, Cylinders, Needles or Conic – are able to support high levels of load.