Transmission Chains and Transport

Using transmission chains is the most popular method to transfer power and its seen from simple bicycles until the most power machinery for industrial ou agricultural purposes as well as to move cargo.

As a rule, should be used a short and simple size chain, because from there the normal result is a more economical transmission. Although, in the cases is needed more speed, less noice, high smoothness levels, or just a question of space, it is always better to use multiple level chain with lower pace.

Transmission chains are effective either with high or low speeds, they offer low levels of noise, high performance and lifetime.

The transmission speed is even if the main cartage has an odd number of teeth superior 19.

If possible the ideal in prime numbers of teeth (*) .

WIPPERMANN, WITRA and DUNLOP as prestigious manufactures, they are concerned about quality, using only very good materials as well a very severe controle. Available in ISO European rule and American ASA, with a wide range of options for construction, finishing or even special applications as well as food and pharmaceutical industries.

About Tensors, DUNLOP and WIPERMANN are the brands to go. They reduce the necessity of adjustments, they help hold and extend the lifetime of the chains as well as the machinery/equipments. Low, medium and strong tensors are available.