Pulleys and TAPER-LOCK Cap

DUNLOP presents a complete range from V-pulleys for a quick assemble with a Cap named TAPER-LOCK. Although the usage of blind V-pulleys is residual, DUNLOP also offer them with a normal range of measures.

Specifically for installation of the DUNLOP Timing and POLY-V belts, is offered a complete range of pulleys, either blind or with a main pilot hole, as well as a conic hole that makes the assembly fast with conic Cap – TAPER-LOCK.

Conic Cap by DUNLOP – TAPER BUSH or TAPER-LOCK – allows fast and economical assembling for pulleys and assure all the right adjustments. DUNLOP range starts with the 1008 size, and goes until 5050 size, and its available for a wide range of holes in mm and inches.

Tensors by DUNLOP are able to reduce the necessity of adjustments. That helps extending Belts life and other equipments, because they can reduce the intermittent cargo by adjusting the tension in the belts. They are available for low, medium and strong efforts.

DUNLOP offer as well a wide range of adaptors so that for they can be used in none standard parts. They can be installed by the conic Cap – TAPER LOCK, without need of professional adjustments. Two basic types are available: weld and screw.