Lubricants and other Industrial Fluids

MOLYDAL - Lubrificantes e outros Fluídos Indústria

All moving mechanical parts undergo friction, from the highest to the lowest temperatures, and can operate in environments with solvents, steam, dust and other corrosive elements, water or simply are subject to loads and require adequate lubrication.

In addition to reducing wear on the mechanical components through friction, lubrication is also used to ensure proofing against outside elements or contaminants and as anti-corrosion protection.

The MOLYDAL Oils, Greases and Silicon lubricants, as well as de-greasing agents, glues and sealants are benchmarks of International Quality, namely for high-demand heavy-duty uses, including International Certifications (NSF for example) for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries, guaranteeing the longevity of the components and equipment.