We are specialists in Industrial Solutions in different areas as Mechanical Power Transmission, Bearing, Motors and Lubrication, due to a high qualified technical team.

Over that we have the Engineering Services support from the brands that we represent.

When it is time for a lay-out change in the production line and/or transport, unpredictable wear of mechanical components or just the need to assure the lifetime of the motor and mechanical components from Your equipments (or complete lines), contact with us and challenge us: Our engineers will surprise You with a wide range of solutions.
DUNBELT’s Engineering department or some department from the brands that we represent are available to refresh knowledge and technical skills from You or Your team responsible for assembling, repairing or just maintenance.

Get in touch with us and together we will build a training program. Your team will be surprised, two times more motivated and your equipment and production lines more efficient.

Our equipment and processes are certified by the brands that we represent and that for we can make a proper diagnosis, assembling and disassembling of mechanical parts as well as fix them, mainly when it comes to chains, transmission chains, bearings, house units, couplings, electric motors, gearboxes and a lot more.

Special attention to fast assembling and disassembling of equipment parts or precision bearings and house units – for exemple, bearing induction heaters – efficiency evaluation of electrical motors as well as moto-transfers.

Contact us. Together we will find the most efficient solution.

We provide the assembling, disassembling, preparing and maintenance of equipment or industrial lines through a selected national wise partner network.

Contact us. Together we will find the perfect solution.

We are a national wise company.

Your interests are the most important for our Customer Servicing, witch, will find the best option for your problem as well as reply You right away.

A wide range of products in stock, DUNBELT is able to give a ready response (more than 96%) to our clients.

We have on Your demand three levels of Shipping Services:

  1. Normal Shipping: daily (between 12h and 24h) for any point in Portugal (continental), with the material properly and safely protected;
  2. Special Shipping: Two time in a day for the most part of the Portuguese territory, with the material properly and safely protected;
  3. Premium Shipping: personalised delivery, direct and on time in you facilities or as prescribed, with special conditions depending on the material.

Contact us and you will be surprised with the quality and immediate response of our team.

Dunbelt, is committed to managing its organization by quality, through a quality management system, being the commitment of its Board of Directors to take responsibility for the effectiveness of its quality management system.

A route has been designed to achieve the quality, principles, goals and performance standards that we analyze and evaluate in order to continually improve, and ensure the goals are compatible with the context and strategic orientation of the organization.

The main goal of the Organization is to establish itself as a successful, commercial and solid financial company.

To get it the company seeks:

  • Loyalty of customers;
  • Loyalty of prestigious suppliers;
  • Ensure the resources necessary for the good development of its activity;
  • Maintain good relationship with banking institutions;
  • Tailor the quality of our products, services and processes to the requirements of customers, launching the necessary corrective actions;
  • Promote the use of the approach by processes and risk-based thinking;
  • Communicating the importance of effective QMS, compromising and guiding stakeholders;
  • Support the relevant functions to demonstrate their leadership;
  • Promote and ensure compliance with the requirements applicable to the activity;
  • The Board of Directors of Dunbelt SA is committed to ensuring the necessary means for the continuous improvement of the quality management system and risk-based thinking.