Quality Policy

Dunbelt is committed to managing its organization into quality through a Quality Management System, and its management is committed to taking responsibility for the effectiveness of its Quality Management System.

A path to achieve the Quality, principles, objectives and performance standards that we analyze and evaluate has been outlined in order to continuously improve, and ensure the objectives are compatible with the context and strategic guidelines of the organization.

The organization’s goal is to establish itself as a successful company, commercially and financially.

To reach that main goal the company seeks:

  • Loyalty of good quality customers;
  • Loyalty of prestigious suppliers;
  • Ensure the human resources necessary for the proper development of its activity;
  • Maintain good relationship with banking institutions;
  • Adapt the quality of our products to the requirements of customers, launching the necessary corrective actions;
  • Promote the use of process approach and risk-based thinking;
  • Communicate the importance of the effective QMS, compromising and guiding stakeholders;
  • Support relevant functions to demonstrate their leadership;
  • Promote and ensure compliance with the requirements applicable to the activity.
  • The administration is committed to ensuring the necessary means for the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and risk-based thinking.


Disclosure of the Quality Policy

The Quality Policy described above is disclosed in the organization through the website and is accessible to all interested parties.


Note: In the case of printing this document, it automatically fall to be a “Non Controlled Copy”. Its use implies pre-confirmation of its update.
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