DUNLOP V-belts offer high level of efficiency, alignment tolerance and low running costs. They can be used to transfer power and control the movement on industrial and agricultural equipments, as well as in cars.

In some cases DUNLOP V-belts from the types A, B, C, SPA, SPB and SPC, can be substituted for the segmented ones. In this case the links are made from a syntactic but very strong material. They have a high level of cooling and can be mounted as needed by the costumer. That means there is no necessity to have a stock with multiple belt references. This type can assure great perfomance in extreme conditions as well as durability, being especially useful in case of emergency.

DUNLOP Raw Edge Cogged V-Belts allows to transfer and handle high levels of power and use pulleys with smaller diameter when compared with the conventional V-Belts.

DUNLOP variable speed V-Belts offer an economical solution when frequent variations of speed are required.

DUNLOP V-Belt Link Belting, when compared with general belts, offer a better force distribution, lateral rigidity and better capacity to absorb vibrations.

For heavy machinery (E.g. agricultural machinery), DUNLOP Belts made with Kevlar ropes are ideal.

POLY-V Belts by DUNLOP offer a great balance between flexibility, cargo capacity and low noise. They show great performance when using small diameter pulleys, allowing great transmission ratio.

DUNLOP Timing Belts allows controlled power and movement transmission in the industry, agriculture and automobile sector. Available in metric and inch measurements, they can support high power levels and cargo as well as none intermittent cargo, which means effortless and precision movements.