Each individual Bearing allows a relative controlled movement between two or more parts, with low friction coefficient.

TIMKEN is on the lead not only about Bearings but also about Bearing Housing Units, Groups of Integrated Bearings, Bearings Precision Groups and Aerospacial Bearings, approved by the US Federal Aviation Authority and by the European EASA.

In order to have an appropriate choice it is extremely important to consider dimension and direction of the load, verifying the radial, axial and combined loads. Last but not least, is fundamental to consider the work temperature and because of that, the mandatory space of the bearing in order to not get more friction with increasing temperature.

The main TIMKEN bearings used are:

Cylindrical Bearings By TIMKEN are design to operate with high levels of radial loads as is the case of rollers profiles, Bearings Tracks and contact geometry. Available in different type of configurations as well as just one, two or four tracks.

TIMKEN Ball Bearings are designed with one or two tracks, and they are used across the world. They can support high speeds with the most variable conditions of loads and in the same time being an economical option.

Angular Contact Ball Bearings are designed to handle both radial and axial loading, and are specifically engineered for use in high-speed and high precision applications as the chemical sector and general industry.

Precision Ball Bearings are designed to attend the most severe applications and they are produced attending the ABEC-7 and ABEC-9 tolerances. On this is included miniature ,thin section instruments and ball screws bearings.

Auto-Compensatory Bearings by TIMKEN are ideal to heavy loads and extreme work environments. TIMKEN offer a wide range of Auto-Compensatory Bearings, including with Rollers holders made of steel and bronze.

The Ball Axial Bearings are made with a simple and double support. In both cases, they are able to support high levels of axial loads, but in the meanwhile they cannot be submitted to radial loads. This type of bearings is separable, what allows them to be easy to mount, once the parts can be assembled individually.

The Cylinder Axial Bearings are used when the ball axial bearings load capacity is insufficient for the job. They also have a very high capacity to support strong axial forces (working just in one way), and even having a specific characteristic of being chock resistant. Although, they are not able to support radial efforts.

In the same way as the referred bearings above, this also have the capacity to support high axial levels of height and shocks.

They can be easily supported, what allows them to support only axial loads and work just in one way.

TIMKEN has the widest range of Conic Bearings available in the all world, although, available in Inches and metric system.

The range of High Precision Bearings by TIMKEN are high end units, conceived to tolerate tough demands from machinery, heath until aerospacial.

P900: P900 Bearings by TIMKEN, are bearings with Conic rolls with an advanced geometry and special finishing in the rolls, cup and cones, that means growth in: Performance, Efficiency and Durability.

DURASPEXX e DURASPEXX Nominal Power: Ideal to operate in mining, grazing, aerospacial and energy produce. TIMKEN bearings DuraSpexx have a better material and finishing in order to extend the lifetime of the bearing.

AQUASPEXX: TIMKEN has them because they are covered in a zinc alloy that fights corrosion from water frequently founded in grazing machinery and other extreme environments
Wear Resistants: The wear resistants bearings are designed in order to reduce wear problems that compromise durability, including micro fissures in auto compensating bearings, mirroring effect and peeling of several particles on wind turbines bearings inside their gearboxes.

TDC (Strong Chrome): TDC bearings from TIMKEN (Strong Chrome) are specially designed to offer a superior performance in high corrosion environments, being covered with a special material that not only makes them stronger but tougher as well.

Residues Resistants: TIMKEN bearings are made to be protected against residues contamination, utilizing for that an exclusive technology being able to operate on the most variable industries.

Low Torque: This TIMKEN bearings reduce vibrations and that for they are able to reduce noise as well. Comparing with the traditional TIMKEN bearings, this are between 10 and 15% lighter.

Although based on the pattern configuration, the Aerospacial Bearings are design to attend to the most exquisite requirements on the aerospacial sector. The majority of the TIMKEN aerospacial bearings are made from cast steel 52100 or VIM-VAR M-50. This is possible by using and electrical arch oven in vacum and they are made by the tolerances ABEC/RBEC 5 and with high resistance spherical holder.

This type of bearings present rolls elements but thinner then traditional ones. Due to a considerable small diameter, the Needle Bearings are ideal to apply in situations that a hight reduction is needed. Never the less, the small diameter of the bearing still offer a proper amount of load capacity. The most common application is inside Engines and in high precious equipments.

A wide range is offered, including sealed or opened. Axial Needle Bearings are also common and Angular contact bearings are offered in with a wide range as well witch combines needle rolls and spherical bearings elements.

From Civil Construction, Mining, Bridges until Space Shuttles, TIMKEN Linkages are a crucial part on the different industries along the last 75 years, maximising the performance of several equipments.