Sprockets and Racks

Using Transmission Chains is the most common way of transfer power, from bicycles until the most powerful industrial and agricultural machinery, as well as for moving cargo.

Transmission made by chain is effective either with high or low speeds, they offer low noise and high performance combined with high durability.

The transmission speed is even if the main sprocket has an odd number of teeth superior of 19.

If possible the ideal in prime numbers of teeth (*) .
Serial produced sprockets are made from steel, stainless steel and cast iron, the last ones being named as Racks. They can have anti corrosion treatment.

Sprockets made from steel can be offered with tempered teeth.

By order, the costumer can ask special steel sprockets to fit the needs.

The wide range of DUNLOP sprockets include sprockets with a main hole as well as with conic with TAPER LOCK Bearing shell.

The conic Bearing shell by DUNLOP- TAPER BUSH or TAPER LOCK – allows a quick, easy and economical assembling, assuring the right alignments. DUNLOP’s range can vary between 1008 and 5050, and they are available in meters and inches.