Electric Motors

Gráfico de EficiênciaThe series IE3 Premium Efficiency from ELVEM Electric Motors is a result of more than 50 years of experience of design and manufacturing Electric Motors.

The industrial production is, global wise, responsible for approximately 42% of the energy consuming and 74% of this are made via electric motors (more details in www.motorsystem.org and www.enea.it).

Every improve on the technical characteristics of the motors and any optimisation on the control is translated into a Energy Consumption Reduce, and due to that higher efficiency for the equipments as well as for the environment.

The efficiency of an electric motor is measured by the ratio of power output and power that is absorbed or consumed. In this transforming process of electric power into mechanical power, lower power loss equals bigger efficiency.

Gráfico de Classes de EficiênciaThe analises of an electric engine IE3 lifetime proves that the gains in energy consumption when compared with the acquisition cost, is still an advantage when in question are the models IE1 and IE2.

  1. ELVEM IE2 with 30kW 4 pols efficiency is 92.3%;
  2. ELVEM IE3 with 30kW 4 pols efficiency is 93.6%;
  3. If the motor works 3.500 hours, the annual savings in energy consumption would be approximately 1.580 kWh.

With the ELVEM motors we can assure a reduced total cost for the lifetime of the motor when you get together, the efficiency from the IE3 (or the future IE4), with a Reliable Motor.